Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Here we go

Last 3 weeks have seen me and my wife on a strict diet in the quest of shedding some pounds. Now, I personally do not believe in fasting to lose weight but this was a one time situation where I needed to lose weight fast. Why? you ask: because I want to gain it all back in the next month. Yes, you heard me right: We are travelling to India and I have the list of favorite foods and joints to explore ready.

Having covered this background, let me come directly to the purpose of this blog. The fact that I went to such steps as to diet and deprive myself of food and the ensuing 3 weeks made me realize how much I like different culinary experiences and eating in general. So I thought: why not share my experiences in a blog. I have made it a goal to explore at least a couple of restaurants on my bucket-list of eateries every month and the plan is to post the experiences here. Since my local food scene involves resturants in and around Portland Oregon, most of my posts will revolve around these but expect a lot of posts from India and also some involving my own experiments in the kitchen of your's truly.

Just to kick start the post, here is a list of portand resturants on my list:

1. Beast
2. Simpatica
3. Paley's Place
4. Authentica
5. Bunk Sandwiches
6. Castagna
7. Le Pigeon
8. Nostrana
9. Ping
10. Pok Pok (been here once, wanna go again)
11. Clyde Common
12. Andina (Tried multiple times, five stars always)
13. Hiroshi
14. Teardrop Cocktail Lounge
15. Navarre
16 Toro Bravo
19. Ken's Artisan Pizza
20. Screen Door (Repeat visitor for brunch)
21. Lucky Strike
22. Park Kitchen
23. Syun Izakaya
24. Laurelhurst Market
25. Nong's KhaoManGai

Stay Tuned

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